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Caelyn Robertson


Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, and born to a musician father and artist mother, Caelyn Robertson was exposed to life in the arts from a very young age. She is a young, contemporary portrait artist working predominantly in the medium of oil painting. Her works are generally large scale and her style is realistic, depicting human faces and their expressions. It is bold and expressive in both colour and technique. Caelyn began her art career in 2009 and is self-taught. She has participated in solo and group shows in Cape Town including, Coronation Fund exhibition, Youngblood – Beautiful Life Gallery, Grand Daddy Hotel Exhibition, Eclectica Modern Gallery and more. Her artworks are in many private residencies throughout South Africa, Sweden, Namibia, India and Dubai. For the past six years she has been living and working part time in Cape Town as well as traveling, volunteering and painting around the world.