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For licencing reasons, La Conca Arts Club is a private member’s club and is open only to Associate Members and their invited guests. We celebrate all things artistic from local and international art and music to world cooking, so if you are passionate about culture, food and conversation, why not become a member.

Membership costs €10.00 per annum for full membership which is payable from the 15th of july.

** New for 2017 **

There is now a Gold membership which entitles the holder to extra benefits, including 10% Community Discount.
This costs an annual fee of €25.00.

You can join us online by using the form below and pay either by PayPal or credit card. We look forward to welcoming you to La Conca.


If you are an existing Member, your Membership will become due for renewal on 15th July each year. Please use the form below to submit your name and email and pay your subscription. Your existing Membership number will remain valid and your account will be marked as paid. You can also use this form to upgrade your Membership to *Gold*

If you have not already been allocated a Membership number, the next time you visit the club ask for your card to be updated.

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